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Navigating Home Buying & Home Selling

Date & Location: TBD (Late August - Early September)

Are you thinking about buying or selling a home but you don't where to begin? Real Estate is one of the biggest investments we make in our lives so being educated on the process is important.  

Are you trying to navigate buying and selling together but are having a hard time with the timeline to coordinate both at the same time? Do you have a Buyer's Agent? Do you know if you even need one and if having this representation costs you money? Do you know about home inspections and hazardous considerations like radon, lead paint and mold? Are you thinking about "right-sizing" and want to know what the  next steps are in the process or what you need to do to get your home prepared for sale? Are you aware of contingencies in offers you write on a property or offers you receive? Do you have a Real Estate Attorney to assist you in this legal process?  Do you know the true value of your home - not just a guess or a Zestimate? 

Join Us:  Date & Location TBD -  Financially Secure Women event - "Navigating Home Buying and Home Selling" .  Women Empowering Women With Real Estate & Finances.

Upcoming Event                                

Asset Management Tips For Women              

June 28, 2017 | 6:30 PM

Do you or another women in your life need help managing your financial assets? Are you trying to discover ways to save for your future and retirement or are you unsure how to get your questions that you have about saving, retirement, stocks, bonds and more answered?  Financially Secure Women is a relaxed and informative ladies’ night out for women who want to learn more about managing their assets and getting their concerns relieved and their questions answered.   

Join Us:  Wednesday, June 28th at 6:30 PM at Orta Restaurant in Pembroke for Financially Secure Women event - "Asset Management Tips For Women". Women Empowering Women With Finances.

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Financially Secure Women

Women Empowering Women With Their Finances.

Making sure you get the knowledge you need in a relaxed setting.

Alyssa McNamara Reed & Sharon McNamara founded Financially Secure Women in 2015 with the vision of women empowering women with their financial well-being and futures. In each of their respective fields, Alyssa as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Partner at McNamara Financial Services and Sharon as a Real Estate Sales & Marketing Advisor and Broker|Owner of Boston Connect Real Estate, they bring years of experience and knowledge to their clients.  

Sharon and Alyssa have collaborated with several other professional women from industries including life insurance, mortgages, real estate law, estate law, divorce law,  life coaches and more to create a panel of experts to assist in their vision of women empowering women.  "We are trying to make all aspects of financing and planning for your current life situations and futures sexy" Sharon says jokingly. While Alyssa quickly responds, "I'm not sure how well we are doing at that but we are giving a lot of knowledge and valuable financial advice."  Their personalities balance each other perfectly and offer their guests who attend their free events both a night of education and support as well as a night of relaxation and fun. 

Asset Management Tips ForWomen

Wednesday, June 28 2016 @ 6:30 PM

Orta Restaurant

75 Washington Street

Pembroke, MA 02359 

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